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What is the reason for the small water output of the pump

Less water output from the pump is a common style in daily use. First, see whether it is not adjusted well and whether there is a grade. If the gear is wrong, the water output must be different. In addition to this, there are other factors affecting its water output.

If the water output of the pump is small, there may also be serious wear and tear, affecting the service performance of the pump. As the water pump is put aside for a long time, the bottom valve gasket will be stuck, the bottom valve without gasket may be rusted, and the natural performance of the rusted water pump will be reduced.

On the one hand, the water pump is damaged, and the blockage will also affect the water outlet. At the beginning, the blockage is not particularly serious. With the passage of time, the water outlet will be stopped in the later stage. Just dredge it.



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