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What are the ways to transform the water pump in energy saving

The use of water pumps is sometimes in operation all day. Energy conservation is considered for long-term operation. Only by realizing energy conservation can the expenditure be reduced. The energy consumption of water pumps that have been bought has basically been determined. What if they are transformed on the existing basis?

The transformation of energy-saving water pump starts from improving the pipeline efficiency. The pipeline efficiency is affected by the pipe diameter, pipe length, the number of elbows and the type of inlet and outlet valves. The resistance loss of the pipeline is inversely proportional to one-fifth of the pipe diameter. Knowing these relations is much more convenient in our transformation. The longer the pipeline is used, the greater the bend, the greater the resistance, and can be appropriately shortened in the pipeline transformation, Without affecting normal use.

The second is to improve the motor efficiency. The energy-saving motor has low power consumption. This improvement will have a great impact on the efficiency. The magnetic material is good and the permeability is also the transformation of the structure. This is still difficult. If there is no professional knowledge, it is not recommended to do this transformation. It also needs the help of professionals to improve energy conservation and better complete the work.



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