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Simple and effective selection of booster pump for water purifier

If the floor of your house is too high, the water pressure may be low and the water flow may be reduced due to the fall when using water. At this time, we need a booster pump to help increase the water pressure, so that the home water purifier can work normally. However, in the face of a wide range of water purifier booster pump on the market, how should we choose? Today, I'd like to share with you:

Booster pump of water purifier

First of all, in the case of the same head and the same flow, the low-power pump has high efficiency, that is, good performance. The pump has the identification method of the highest head flow and rated head flow. Most pumps in the market have the highest head flow, but the head identification of some manufacturers is very outrageous. Therefore, in order to avoid trouble, consumers should know more about the actual head and actual flow before buying hand pumps.
Secondly, the selection of the pump should be determined according to the actual situation, such as the length of the pipe, the size of the pipe diameter, the number of bends, the capacity of the water purifier, the type of the water purifier, the water output of the sprinkler, etc. It should be noted that pipeline pressurization is not the installation of all water pumps, and there are many reasons for low water pressure, such as pipeline aging, especially galvanized pipe, which will gradually rust after many years of use, leading to pipeline blockage and water flow reduction; and excessive 90 degree elbow will also lead to water flow reduction.



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